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ABAurora Borealis
Scandinavisk Klan 10/10 MC 
EAEndless Agony
Alliance guild on Ashbringer server ( EU )  czech/interna...
AOSAce of Spades
Ace of Spades - Golemagg
RDR Pretre
RDR Pretre
BTBlank Test
WoW Classic guild
just a test
EVAREscape Velocity
Escape Velocity - 为了部落
Gilda Auphanim. WoW Classic, server Gandling. HORDE.
Sturmtruppen EU Lakeshire
Mi Smo Gucci
guci brate
PMProject Mayhem
Project Mayhem
Senile Chieftains
Senile Chieftains Shazzrah EU
TUEThe United Exiles
The United Exiles - Hydraxian Waterlords-EU
OoWOlds of Warcraft
This game is for people above 35 years old that don't hav...
TGThose Guys
Nostalgia is a potent drug... yes indeed
SGStavern Gaming
Folk fra stavern som gamer
DKDunkle Kreaturen
Feierabend Gilde mit Fokus auf Spaß