[YF] Young Faze

no being toxic don’t thrash talk your teammates.you have to have a mic.you don’t have to try out to get in.ANY age . All  platforms this is for fun NOT for any money 💵.

my Xbox live name is TraverseClaw178 

my epic games name is TraverseClaw178 same as my Xbox 


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • 1v1

    To see skill

  • 1v1

    1v1 for skill level


  •  TraverseClaw178


    TraverseClaw178 — i got your message you can join friend me in fortnite (epic games)
    •  TraverseClaw178

      Join Clan

      TraverseClaw178 — Just so you know you can join the clan
      •  TraverseClaw178


        TraverseClaw178 — right now I am trying to set up we will be playing area with teammates and we will be playing squads with   eachother so we will be adding eachother on epic games
        •  TraverseClaw178


          TraverseClaw178 — Add me on epic games
          •  TraverseClaw178

            Just Joined

            TraverseClaw178 — Or add me on epic games
            •  TraverseClaw178

              Looking to join.

              TraverseClaw178 — There are no tryouts and there is no toxicity or trash talking teammates