Welcome to Wolf Clan this clan is for any age but you must beat me in a 1v1 Wolf Tleenite to be in the clan if you want to be in the clan just friend me and I will accept we will do playground 1v1 best out of 3. Friend me my epic name is YT WoLF_TLEENITE friend me on epic. We do CLAn scrims with custom match making codes. Thanks and I hope you join the clan!!😎✌️👌 Wolf clan🐺

PS. WoLF_22 hours is co leader


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  • FaNc Nicee

    I want to join your clan

    FaNc Nicee — I want to join your clan when you do tests for me
    • DragonRider359


      DragonRider359 — Yo i would like to join the clan. Though i wont be available till tomorrow night or anytime sunday. My epic name is DragonRider359 as well as my xbox tag. Stat check me if you'd like.
      • MolaGamer


        MolaGamer — g
        • yeet.net


          yeet.net — PC - Username Drago_GG
          • azariel

            Trying Out

            azariel — yo, i wanna try out for your clan. i think i’m pretty decent and this seems like it’ll be fun, my epic games username is: xd azariel.mp3. if you could add me or add me back (whichever comes first) ...
            • EX0T1C


              EX0T1C — My xbox and epic gems username is wolfcat1452
              • EX0T1C


                EX0T1C — hey guys i play on xbox and i want to be in your clan
                • VivioticMeme

                  Try out

                  VivioticMeme — i am in oceania server  
                  • VivioticMeme


                    VivioticMeme — I added u my name is VivioticMeme or My old name Faxe_jukesy please dont laugh at my lod name   
                    • Glassyintegral

                      This is from Glassyintegral

                      Glassyintegral — I will added you Monday and 1v1 you ok
                      • SlothsArePerfect


                        SlothsArePerfect — I just added you on fortnite I am SlothsArePerfect
                        • Mike 1298 ツ

                          Username in fortnite: Mike 1298 ツ

                          Mike 1298 ツ — Add me. Copy slanted face in google and paste. Please add me. It is not hard
                          • Deaneosteeleo


                            Deaneosteeleo — Namely epic is: xd Deaneosteeleo  
                            • Deaneosteeleo


                              Deaneosteeleo — Join I can I join  
                              • Karma__00


                                Karma__00 — Yo I want to try out dm me or add me back on epic
                                • Raviskey

                                  Hey man looking for a top spot on the clan!

                                  Raviskey — looking to be a co leader or something! DM me more info and we can converse it over a game of creative or something! Thanks!
                                  • xKillSwitchx023

                                    PS4 player with almost 400 wins looking for a tryout

                                    xKillSwitchx023 — PS4 player with almost 400 wins looking for a tryout 
                                    • thebossisgaming


                                      thebossisgaming — when*  
                                      • moneybug123


                                        moneybug123 — hi im moneybug123 i play on xbox and im ok at fortnite i have 15 wins i have 2 solo wins and 3 duo wins and 8 squad wins so dont juge me plz