[Vion] ViiSioN

1. No Swearing

2. 11+ in age

3. At least 5+ wins or 400+ kills

4. Epic games name needs to be ViiSion_name/Vion_name

5. Mostly Xbox, Pc, Switch, and mobile (PS4 is ok)


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Fortnite Friday

                            First four people to sign up will get to play with each other. Also everyone have fun and play with your Clanmates.


  • ScIFy

    Join Clan

    ScIFy — Do you have a Discord link for the clan? I have been playing since the end of Season 2 in Fortnite, I am very competitive and I'm a professional, I play on Europe, Asian ,and Middle east servers. U...
    • Master_Oblivion

      How to join?

      Master_Oblivion — Yo wassup im 13, I'm usually the squads ace/best player/carrier, i have over 75 wins which i got in the last few weeks and im getting really close to my first one hundred. I can take on a full squa...
      • flames. 스파크

        When can I try out?

        flames. 스파크 — to contact me my fortnite name is flαmεs. 스파크 and my discord name is dark#0513 and also i am 12 years of age
        • xd JoeFatChops

          Joining Clan

          xd JoeFatChops — Im 13. I have around 130 wins (k/d is low due to challanges xD) my stats are here https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/pc/xd%20JoeFatChops Im on PC, my epic name is xd JoeFatChops Please add me for ...
          • Littlelaughingstock

            I would like to join

            Littlelaughingstock — I’ve got all max tier 100 skins and I average 10+ kills a game but I don’t play solos so I have only a couple solo wins I play keyboard and mouse on ps4
            • Zippygames3

              I want to join plz

              Zippygames3 — i am Zippygames3 or notzippygames3 or   Capitalism the Z and I am a John wick I have Been playing sence seson 2 I have 40 wins + and thousands of kills 
              • Dylute

                ViiSioN clan

                Dylute — Hey guys I just joined the clan! I am a Black Knight with the username ViiSioN_Blade! Add me and I’d love to rock some duos or squads!
                • OReillylad8267

                  Joining this clan 💪

                  OReillylad8267 — My gamertag is OReilly8267 I started season 4 I have over 40 solo wins and 30 squads all together on Xbox and PlayStation this clan sounds epic👌Would love to be a part of it . Hopefully you can res...
                  • TSM_Duracell

                    Joining this epic clan !!!

                    TSM_Duracell — Hey my name is TSM_Duracell but will change my name to whatever name you want me to change it to i waould like to try out because i have over 63 solo wins and get over 3 kills per game Send Me a Me...
                    • TSM_Duracell

                      Joining The Clan

                      TSM_Duracell — Hye My name is TSM_Duracell but if i join i will change my name . I was just wondering if you could try me out to see if I was worthy enough to joining please reply back TSM_Duracell    
                      • FaDeMatrixx

                        Im PS4

                        FaDeMatrixx — I joined Fortnite Battle Royale late season 2, i have over 3000 kills, I have 72 solo wins, hopefully i'll get accepted
                        • Delta

                          I have been a fortnite player since season 1 and i made another account i have 28 wins and i have over 1k kills i am a squads ace. I hope that i will get accepted to this clan p.s. i am pressured if there are alot of people rushing me

                          Delta — .
                          • TokyoJuice


                            TokyoJuice — .
                            • JagproGamingTTV

                              Who do I need to add to join the clan?

                              JagproGamingTTV — Add me on PS4 (jagproietti100) or on Epic games (JagproGaming_YT) which if I get into this clan I’ll switch it to Viision_Jagg or something like that 
                              • Yokai


                                Yokai — Is there a discord server for this?
                                • rattyIsaiah

                                  Interested in joining.

                                  rattyIsaiah — I'm a player since season 1, but I had different accounts. On my current account I have 20 wins and over 1k+ kills, but on other accounts I have about almost 100. I'm on PC and I'm a good builder a...
                                  • Jalenbeastballer

                                    Fortnite clan

                                    Jalenbeastballer — May I join 
                                    • Cyph3r

                                      May I join?

                                      Cyph3r — I have 12 wins over 660 kills, all on solo, I am also a good builder
                                      • Tautverve

                                        I want to join

                                        Tautverve — IGN Name & Age: Atomic_Tautverve   If I joined my IGN will be: ViiSioN_Tautverve   I play on both PC & PS4. And when Fortnite BR comes out on samsung I'll play there aswell.   My PC wins: 1...
                                        • ViiSioN_Freeze


                                          ViiSioN_Freeze — does anyone know how ranks work in battle standards?
                                          • PowerClient5625

                                            I want to join

                                            PowerClient5625 — I am on Xbox I have 17 wins an over 1000 kills and I would like to join. I am 12 years old Xbox username: PowerClient5625  
                                            • S.Y.T.H.E.S


                                              S.Y.T.H.E.S — im a 11 year old , decend builder over 10 wins over 1000 kills an i able to join  
                                              • Siddharth


                                                Siddharth — Do you guys a discord server?
                                                • Monster


                                                  Monster — My name is epic: ViiSion_Monster. 8+ wins Kills 800+. I am a Good Builder and can Wall-Floor-Ramp. Let me know if i can join
                                                  • TwizzlrrYT

                                                    Wanting to join this clan

                                                    TwizzlrrYT — I’m a Fortnite Xbox player with 5+ wins, and about 1000 kills. I’m the age of 12. My epic and xbox username is TwizzlrrYT
                                                    • ViiSioN_Flame


                                                      ViiSioN_Flame — Your good join I am co leader so you Gucci 
                                                      • Fibra

                                                        Want to join the clan

                                                        Fibra — PS4 - Psn : ObeY_RiffelZz Age - 15 years old  Wins - 59 on new account  Kills - 2606
                                                        • Duster_

                                                          Gamer tags and Questions

                                                          Duster_ — Hey guys. My gamer tag is DusterHkyYT so add me there. The gamer pic is a moisty merman. My gamer tag will be changing to ViiSioN Duster soon. Send me yours too. Is this a casual or competitive cla...
                                                          • Duster


                                                            Duster — Hey boys. I’m on XBOX ONE and I’m looking for a clan. Jw if it’s competitive or casual.
                                                            • ViiSioN_Freeze


                                                              ViiSioN_Freeze — Xbox- ViiSioN Freeze Epic Account- Tmw_Nitro
                                                              • NTLIFE777


                                                                NTLIFE777 — I play on xbox pc and mobile  my name on Xbox is NTLIFE777  MY epic name is NUNYA777  I WILL CHANGE IT TO WHATEVEr I need to
                                                                • NTLIFE777


                                                                  NTLIFE777 — Just joined. Wanted to know if we should add everybody as an Xbox friend if yes, message me ur Xbox name. I am NTLIFE777 
                                                                  • ViiSioN_Freeze

                                                                    New clan name

                                                                    ViiSioN_Freeze — All team members please change your name to Vion_Name
                                                                    • NTLIFE777

                                                                      New Members

                                                                      NTLIFE777 — NTLIFE777  i play on Xbox 
                                                                      • ViiSioN_Freeze

                                                                        Spread the word

                                                                        ViiSioN_Freeze — Everyone make sure to tell all of your friends that have the requirements that they are welcome to join
                                                                        • UltraKiller1738

                                                                          Clan entry

                                                                          UltraKiller1738 — I am 13 and I have over 40 wins and over 1,500 eliminations. I would like to join the clan or tryout.