The Void

We are a Gaming Organization with an E-Sports division which is now recruiting! Join our Discord server below:

 Discord server:

The Void promotes a non-toxic atmosphere to socialize and game. We believe that you need a place to make new friendships and keep old ones. We have an active community so you can always find someone to game with. We have a Xbox, PlayStation and PC divisions depending on the platform you play most on.

We came into existence to conquer the E-Sports and Gaming Realm!!

Don't let our name fool you though because we are a non-toxic community but we fight hard in the gaming world.

We support Xbox, PC and PlayStation gaming platforms. We accept juniors and older to join the Core Community.

"We are here, We rise above, and we show no fear. We are The Void!!"

Benefits that we provide as an Official Member:

  • Game Nights
  • Discount from Sponsor(s)
  • Merchandise for sale including Jerseys
  • Community Special Events
  • Giveaways
  • Structured Simplified Ranking System
  • Activity Level Leaderboard
  • Activity Reward Program
  • In-game Clans/Teams
  • E-Sports Division
  • Contests
  • Much more... 
 This community was created to give you the ability to find other amazing gamers the care about you and easy to get along with. Team Skyfall is a place for true gamers to come and enjoy.  We are a high-understanding community, but our goal is to build a community that respected throughout the gaming world and we encourage all to come to join an interview.


We are looking to develop one of the best Competitive Teams in gaming. We have developed a dedicated group of staff members, all with a goal for success. Currently looking to create develop, and manage 4 teams. These teams will be for the games listed below. We are looking for dedicated individuals. Esports players are required to be highly active in Server and in Game. 


We are currently looking for the face of our community. We are looking to bring up one of the best streamer and contact creators. So we created a Streamers and content creator promoting group for those that are dedicated to helping build this community and give us a good name and reputation in the content creation world. We have our own program to help determine these streamers and also help new upcoming Streamers.


Our community is a mix of different players but all here for one reason for the enjoyment of gaming. We created a safe and comfortable community to enjoy gaming and meet new people and actually learn names. Our community has a few different groups within it. Each group is structured with someone that is leading that shows great leadership and growth.