Team Liquid Junior

Team Liquid Junior is simular to the real eSports Clan and we are looking for members to join we have different teams such as Pro Team, Casual Team and Content Creator Team for more info join the discord:

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  • Splashyy


    Splashyy — Is this the actual liquid juniors team and do I have to try out
    • Splashyy


      Splashyy — Is this the actual liquid juniors team and do I have to try out
      • Wildestdog1

        Clan tryout

        Wildestdog1 — Can I try out my discord is wildestdog1 
        • Dim0


          Dim0 — can I maybe schedule for a tryout for this clan
          • Zesty


            Zesty — could you maybe setup a schedule for a tryout  
            • ikkedj


              ikkedj — Hallo can i do a tryout for the clan?  
              • Prophecyツ


                Prophecyツ — Hi there, I was wondering if you could give me an available time for my tryout scheduele? Also, I am a casual and very competitive player and i have 463 wins with a win rate of 13,000% if you think...
                • ikxi

                  Hello i'm ikxi i'm only ten years old and almost can edit and build like mongraal and my aim is good too im from germany

                  ikxi — thats all  
                  • Hypnotized ゞ

                    Y’all doo dok

                    Hypnotized ゞ — Hey I wanna join this clan is there  anyway I can join I have og skins and am good at Fortnite Mobile we can 1v1 
                    • Bayden199

                      Clan tryouts

                      Bayden199 — Hey. I would love to try out for this clan. Figured it would be really nice to always have people to play with and really try to improve my gameplay. Hope to hear back. My gamertag is Bayden199
                      • messipanther10


                        messipanther10 — Can I please get a new discord invite, it's not letting me join the server.  
                        • messipanther10

                          Clan tryouts

                          messipanther10 — Is there any sort of tryouts on playground. By the way, my gamertag is NGF MESSIPANTHER
                          • YAboiTTV

                            want to join

                            YAboiTTV — I would like to join your clan my gamer tag is xXJohnWick69Xx
                            • IN_TTVbytheway

                              Add me IN_TTVbytheway

                              IN_TTVbytheway — Add me guys 
                              • SillyBunny93172


                                SillyBunny93172 — Would you wanna 1v1