[T9D] Team 9D

T9D is a mostly competitive clan currently looking for new members. We are looking for members for any of our competitive teams, two for NAE and two for NAW. Our competitive teams, NAW Team A, NAW Team B, NAE Team A, and NAE Team B are all low on members currently. They each have a member limit of 14 members each, and have varying requirements for the different skill levels the teams represent. The A teams both have identical requirements, and they are all fully listed on our discord, linked below. The same goes for our B teams, though the requirements for them are lower as to cater to less skilled players. Our casual team is free to join for anyone, meaning you need no tryout and there is no stat requirements. The casual team also has no member limit, meaning if you are interested but do not qualify for a competitive team, you can join the casual team at any time. A shortened requrements list for our competitive teams are to have: A minimum of 1.7 overall KD. A minimum of 175 wins. Scrim experience. Plays mainly on PC. Actively plays Fortnite BR (at least 96 hours a week played.) At least 16 years of age. Our community discord is https://discord.gg/HE59vXR. Anyone is welcome to join, even if not interested in joining a team. *ANNOUNCEMENT* We are currently looking for 3 very active players to fill the roles of NAE Team A Leader, NAW Team A Leader, and NAW Team B Leader! Anyone interested must not only qualify for the team, but also must be active at least 5 days a week, have prior scrim experience, good leadership skills, and must help advertise the clan. I hope to see some new faces in the discord soon! -Nek, Team Founder


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