[TAC] Tactical Mobile Clan

We are a mobile based clan that is very high level in building and sniping. To join be on mobile, have over 15 wins, and send me clips


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  • Social Kyan

    Can I Join(ᵔᴥᵔ(ᵔᴥᵔ)(ᵔᴥ

    Social Kyan — Name TTV.ᵔᴥᵔGraghpixツ  
    • ShyRonnie

      Can I join

      ShyRonnie — I have 71 wins can I join
      • ShyRonnie

        Can I join

        ShyRonnie — I have 71 wins can I join
        • MessagePad

          Can I join ur clan

          MessagePad — I have over 20 wins and I am a pro builder Editor and sniper if u don’t think I am that good I will show u my victory’s and my yt is PheonixNightGamer
          • TheLegend27orTtv

            You have to copy and paste my name it has special characters— ᴛ.ᴛ.ᴠ

            TheLegend27orTtv — Hey I would like to join this fortnite clan I am a decent player and if you want to add me on discord it is:TheLegend27#7226
            • Mike 1298 ツ

              Building and editing skills

              Mike 1298 ツ — Hello. I am a very good player and edit mongraal's course very fast. My building is very good like pro pc players(really). My username is the same as this name i use
              • Cloud9


                Cloud9 — Hi. I want to join your clan. I am the best mobile in my school of 1100 people and have a casual 25 kill game. My username is Lightning_Cloud9.
                • Sniper466killer

                  I want to join

                  Sniper466killer — i am a pro mobile llayer i can build 4 layers and 90s
                  • lucasbaker859-L2


                    lucasbaker859-L2 — I do not play on Mobile I am good just looking for a clan I'm down to try out my username on ps4 is lucasbaker859-L2 exactly how I spelled
                    • ItsDeathwish65

                      my userna

                      ItsDeathwish65 — Hey can I join ur clan my highest solo kill game is 24 I have at least over 100 wins been playing on mobile since season 3 and I started play Fortnite on Xbox the day it came out my username is Its...
                      • Dante_FTDleader


                        Dante_FTDleader — My hgiehst kill on mobile is 19 solo squads  i can floor wall ramp and double wall double ramp on mobile. ur discord i can join but not rn can I join the clan?
                        • davem05


                          davem05 — Hi can i join your fortnite clan i play on mobile and i am quite good  hmu at dave.mbawo@doyrms.com