We have a clan with two people and one is controller and one is Keyboard player we are looking for players that are good in building and have decent aim. BTW you must be EU. We are also recruiting people that can make really good thumbnails and can edit videos. Our Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSuIT1sto3mqsKcRxl_bKrQ





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  • :/ Hyphen :/

    Tryout For Clan

    :/ Hyphen :/ — I can try out after the holiday on the inset day around Monday or so, so basically I can try out with you guys in around two weeks on Monday, If i pass I have a couple of clips I can send you guys ...
    • SoUR_Cleat


      SoUR_Cleat — K Great, Our epic names are: FaZeBushfreak and YouTubeCleat
      • SoUR_Cleat


        SoUR_Cleat — We are an EU clan so if you are not EU I am sorry you can't join
        • SoUR_Cleat

          Can I do a try out for the clan at 4:00 today

          SoUR_Cleat — Are you EU servers?  
          • SoUR_Cleat


            SoUR_Cleat — Let us know if you want to join our clan and we will tell you the requirments.