We are the Shadow clan we have over 400 wins must atleast have one win maybe none if your good thats all we accept 10 to 16 years old no toxic players stay humble


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  • Coolahaha

    So I want to try cause I am pretty good my name is coolahaha 


  • Johnnywick0_0

    Try outs

    Johnnywick0_0 — When are the next try outs
    • Cape Master77


      Cape Master77 — Sorry the last tryouts we're delayed but we will be chosing three of you for the tryouts the time is still hasen't been decided but you have to give us a reason why to let you in the tryouts
      • Codee mexicandom


        Codee mexicandom — Can I tryout
        • Ikonik

          Can I join

          Ikonik — Can I join I am good at fortnite
          • Cape Master77


            Cape Master77 — I will inform you once i know the time
            • Cape Master77


              Cape Master77 — Whats your psn cause we play xbox but i can epic friend you
              • Cape Master77


                Cape Master77 — Monday maybe sunday if possible