[RiZe] RiZing Alliance


PS4, Switch, Xbox, IOS, Android and PC Welcome

Add me: RiZing_CD5YT

Age Limit: Anyone

Who we're looking for: Fortnite players, Editors, Designers, Streamers and Directors

We do Scrims, Tournaments, Playground, Esports, Clan Vs Clans, Squads and LTM

How to join as a Fortnite Player/ Streamer: Add me and leave your Epic so I can add you. We'll do a 1v1 and we'll get into a match. Loose or win or do well ,I'll consider adding you. 

How to join as a Designer/Editor: Upload some to your YT channel and tag it to RiZe/ Leave a link on comments

How to join as a Director: Make a video why you would like to be a Director and upload it to your YT channel and tag it to RiZe

There will be a Discord and YT Channel

RiZing Alliance's Aim: To become a worldwide, Professional clan

Thank you everyone


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  • Drasco

    Would like to join

    Drasco — Hi I would like to try out. My epic is Drasco0 and I’m on PC
    • IFallAdam

      Try Outs plz

      IFallAdam — Hey I am IFallAdam and I would like to join this clan could you plz 1v1 me I am on PS4 and my PSN is : AdoADC My Epic is: Halal Lamb Please try me out and hope I get accepted! TTYL
      • UT.tBrady120


        UT.tBrady120 — Add me plz I want to join a clan add me on Epic: Rios_Andrew or on xbox: ItsTomBrady120
        • Capn_Nemo

          i would like to join

          Capn_Nemo — my username is UnwilledGod438 please add me so i can tryout
          • Edisonyang071


            Edisonyang071 — Hi can i try out username: Eddie-Y071
            • DarkXD

              can I tryout in Creative?

              DarkXD — plz
              • THACOMAN


                THACOMAN — Can I join plz I am good
                • Lord_Xenu07


                  Lord_Xenu07 — do yu assept for year olds
                  • FaZeDazzle

                    Join can I

                    FaZeDazzle — Can i join this clan
                    • RiZe_Owen


                      RiZe_Owen — Try out 
                      • RiZe_CD5 YT

                        add me plz

                        RiZe_CD5 YT — Add me bro
                        • RiZe_CD5 YT

                          I just and wanna 1v1 leader

                          RiZe_CD5 YT — Sure
                          • Qzenji

                            I really wanna join

                            Qzenji — Yes please 
                            • Qzenji


                              Qzenji — Accept my friend recuest
                              • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                RiZe_CD5 YT — Okay, I'll accept your friend request
                                • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                  RiZe_CD5 YT — Sup everyone, yes you can stil try out, Just add me. For people who have friend requested me, I will accept you. 
                                  • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                    RiZe_CD5 YT — Sup, I'll accept your freind request and we'll get into a match
                                    • RiZe_CD5 YT

                                      Can I join?

                                      RiZe_CD5 YT — Sure just add me up
                                      • RiZe_CD5 YT

                                        Joining the Clan

                                        RiZe_CD5 YT — I'll accept u
                                        • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                          RiZe_CD5 YT — Sup, I'll accept you
                                          • Dagoat13

                                            Can I join

                                            Dagoat13 — Can I join, I am a super good mobile player 
                                            • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                              RiZe_CD5 YT — Sure, I'll accept ur friend request, you can join
                                              • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                                RiZe_CD5 YT — Could eveyone have RiZe in their name pls
                                                • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                                  RiZe_CD5 YT — Welcome new members to the clan. Add me up and we'll get into a mtach. 
                                                  • RiZe_CD5 YT

                                                    New Member

                                                    RiZe_CD5 YT — RiZe Owen has trialed and has got in. Welcome
                                                    • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                                      RiZe_CD5 YT — Welcome eveyone who have just joinde. If you guys add me we can get into a match. Thanks
                                                      • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                                        RiZe_CD5 YT — EnergySun4 I'll try and find a good time
                                                        • Mog


                                                          Mog — Hey, Can you add me if that's alright? Also, I am away at the moment and get back in a week on the 1st of Dec. Sorry for the inconvenience.
                                                          • RiZe_CD5 YT

                                                            EnergySun4 and others

                                                            RiZe_CD5 YT — Thanks EnergySun4. I've got you added. We should get in a match soon. Thanks for the link. Also I think some of you guys have added me to so I'll accept the friend request and trial you very soon. ...
                                                            • Energysun4


                                                              Energysun4 — I can't make the tryout on Wednesday, it's at 8 am for me. I live in MST and I can do 5 pm MST. Thanks! btw, What timezone do you live in?
                                                              • RiZe_CD5 YT

                                                                Sup Mog

                                                                RiZe_CD5 YT — How are you Mog. Based in England, add me so we can get in a game. Or shall I add you ?
                                                                • Mog

                                                                  Trying out

                                                                  Mog — I will add you tomorrow and I will find a time to tryout. also, where are you based for ping and stuff?
                                                                  • Ximezek


                                                                    Ximezek — Wassup I play on ps4 and mobile I wanna join
                                                                    • RiZe_CD5 YT

                                                                      Joining clan

                                                                      RiZe_CD5 YT — Sure Blitz
                                                                      • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                                                        RiZe_CD5 YT — Sup TTV BubbanatorGod.How are you. Do you have a YT/Twitch account and what's your epic. 
                                                                        • Energysun4


                                                                          Energysun4 — Hey CD5! I do have a YouTube channel it is Science Gamer. Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwCM2Oan_4jsA2djBCFep0A my Epic is Energysun4, you added me
                                                                          • RiZe_CD5 YT


                                                                            RiZe_CD5 YT — ExoticGamezYT Welcome. How are you. Can I have a link to your YT channel