Nice Fortnite Clan for 10 year olds

This is a Fortnite clan for 9-12 year olds we promise to be nice. Also no swearing.



my name is yari1239944

I’m diamond one almost diamond two trying to run some ranked if you wanna play join up

Need a duo zero build mainly must be diamond plus this season champion last season and be decent at builds. It must be good.

Two hour long br ranked 

Fortnite games in the afternoon before the PlayStation cup just be eu servers to participate anyone can join any rank bronze silver gold platinum diamond elite champion and unreal all ranks

Tonight I will be playing ranked battle royale normal battle royale zero build creative etc join up if you want some chill games

Need to be plat or higher and be 10-12years old

ANYONE WANNA PLAY ADD ME OnlyCurtains2578 Im Bored

Add me

the map code is 216445027944

match for bots


fish vs cats