[MLL] Mighty Lama Legends

We are the mighty lama legends join and be powerful and help and destroy other players in your way


Upcoming Events

  • Duo skrims

    Let’s play guys against pros  

    Are you going?

Past Events

  • Build test

    let’s test your editing and builds forts to get to the top of my arch wins

  • The clan cup

    YFirst to ten kills wins the clan cup     if you win all we do is pick any game mode in Fortnite that you want once    so join my server and get into it

  • Social showdown

      Just have fun      vs bots      kill others in the arena      dodge the quad in the giant alley        death run through ice and spikes on a timelimit       dance off on the dance floor         edit wars edit the other opponent to his doom        also there will be a squad skrim at 1:00am Satur...

  • Apocaliptic arena

    Only use blue bursts,pistols,and green pumps  

  • Lets rush