I don’t care what your fortnite stats are on you can join ( this includes if you have zero wins ) hopefully we can help get you some make sure u join the juice sqaud!

Also we would like for u to change the front or back of ur epic games name to juice_ or _juice


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Try outs to join clan

      Try outs in creative mode add chilli_juice on epic friends   


  • Chilli_juice

    Try outs

    Chilli_juice — add thecharlster10 on Xbox or chilli_juice on epic friends   
    • JUICE_broster


      JUICE_broster — Tryouts at 10:00 am ET  
      • Random

        Whats the disc

        Random — ddsd
        • JUICE_broster


          JUICE_broster — Well have u try out at 10:00 ET