[FZ] FaZe

FaZe Clan Avaible for tryouts 


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Past Events

  • 1V1 tryouts

    Everybody gets to tryout send me a friend request i dont have a mic but i can text. controller only clan btw


  • FaZe RaTher MiX

    I will be offline

    FaZe RaTher MiX — Im so sorry my fellow FaZe Members. I will not be able to tryout for 5 weeks. Im sorry I have not been here to get you guys setup. Im so sorry for the concern and I will see you when we have tryouts.
    • Lil Praj


      Lil Praj — Can I try out tomorrow at 1 central time?
      • Zesty


        Zesty — could you setup a schedule for me for a tryourt
        • Prophecyツ


          Prophecyツ — Hi there, I was wondering if you could give me an available time for my tryout scheduele? Also, I am a casual and very competitive player and i have 463 wins with a win rate of 13,000% if you think...
          • FaZe RaTher MiX


            FaZe RaTher MiX — https://discord.gg/ZhYYdNJ   never will expire
            • FaZe RaTher MiX

              want to join

              FaZe RaTher MiX — Hello! Welcome To FaZe I am going to look up your stats and make sure you are qualified you have to send me a friend request on your ps4 because i play on xbox one. You do not need a mic I do not h...
              • FaZe RaTher MiX

                How to get in the clan

                FaZe RaTher MiX — Beat me in 3 1v1s and you do not need a mic to join and you have to be on ps4 or xbox one friend me and we will be able to do this :D
                • FaZe RaTher MiX


                  FaZe RaTher MiX — Solo,Duos,Squads events will be done. Each Event must have at least 20 points. (Which will earn you the pin)