[FPX] Fortnite Pros Xbox

We are a pro fortnite organisation run solely on Xbox, trials will be held When we choose, if we are online we may trial you if you join, you must include PFX_ before your name, we will be playing in weekly practice and events, you may apply even if you are not pro.


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events


  • FPX_C14NCY


    FPX_C14NCY — If you are playing on a platform such as pc or mobile please change your name but on Xbox you have to pay so do not worry as that would be unethical 
    • FPX_C14NCY


      FPX_C14NCY — I do not play on pc but I play on Xbox, my Xbox gamer tag is C14NCY, add me as an epic friend and I will join your game if you message me on this website, then we will do a trial with game chat 
      • GlacialFlunky1


        GlacialFlunky1 — Do you have a discord it is simple to speek with etchoder 
        • Midwnat502


          Midwnat502 — Can I join
          • Bosstlc1219

            What’s the discord

            Bosstlc1219 — What’s the discord
            • messisuarezneym


              messisuarezneym — Do y'all have an Instagram account?
              • KILLKAYLA24292


                KILLKAYLA24292 — Do I need to change my name if I am in this clan?