[FEAR] Fear Clan

A fun competitive clan. All platforms and all servers. Our leader is quantam. If you’re interested message!


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Fortnite Friday

    Choose a partner in the clan and the  winners win 1k vbucks

  • Zone wars

    Add me on epic @stafford26

  • Tryouts?


  • Fortnite Fridays Squad Up

    This is where our whole clan can squad up and defeat everyone, we could do creative or other stuff. Add me on discord at - YT-TimShepple


  • PN_MStanton79

    I wanna 1v1

    PN_MStanton79 — someone 1v1 me  
    • T_Sniper4K


      T_Sniper4K — wassup
      • Fly 1011

        Help me get better

        Fly 1011 — I know this probably is not a clan for people to get better but can someone please give me tips on how I can improve. My epic name is TIf_Fly
        • Eththedefault


          Eththedefault — I sent you a friend request my fortnite name is Eththedefault 
          • Eththedefault


            Eththedefault — Anybody want to be my duo partner tommorow Epic name: Eththedefault 
            • Eththedefault


              Eththedefault — Fortnite name : Eththedefault 
              • M-I-A-K-Y


                M-I-A-K-Y — So I just joined this clan and I was wondering if someone wants to 1v1 me. You have to be on ps4 and message me that your from fear and wanna 1v1. My username in M-I-A-K-Y 
                • Thapurplehoser


                  Thapurplehoser — Hey so I want to get in this clan I'm pretty good 
                  • Juraj

                    When is tryout man ?

                    Juraj —
                    • FEAR_taycraft

                      Hey who wants to 1v1

                      FEAR_taycraft — Who wants to 1v1
                      • Futurez

                        1v1 for fun add me Futureź

                        Futurez — futureź
                        • DΞadLiΞst

                          can i join clan???????

                          DΞadLiΞst — my fortnite iDΞadWt thats my epic im NA west 
                          • FEAR_taycraft

                            Add me

                            FEAR_taycraft — 1v1 me
                            • DaBeastSol


                              DaBeastSol — when is tryouts
                              • MBNMAR


                                MBNMAR — Drippydex123 add me to 1v1 or duos
                                • cloudyFN.


                                  cloudyFN. — when are tryouts and is there a discord server?
                                  • cloudyFN.

                                    Add me on epic

                                    cloudyFN. — cloudyFN.
                                    • Kreamer


                                      Kreamer — What paltform do you play on
                                      • lilparker2lit25


                                        lilparker2lit25 — Need a duo partner add me on xbox lilparker2lit
                                        • firey056bunny


                                          firey056bunny — Hey
                                          • Dinoman598

                                            joining fear

                                            Dinoman598 — hi my name is Jackson and I play on Xbox and mobile and my Fortnite username is dinoman698     
                                            • AHotDogDream

                                              I would like to join

                                              AHotDogDream — Hi i am an average player an I would like to join add me up on xbox @AHotDogDream 
                                              • TK_SOCOOLKID

                                                Add me at TK_SOCOOLKID

                                                TK_SOCOOLKID — 🔫🔫🔫🔫
                                                • Raasplash700192

                                                  I would like to join your clan

                                                  Raasplash700192 — Hi my name is Rod splash and I am a season one player a Fortnite so I will like to  join  your Clan
                                                  • Adamkenealy

                                                    Joining clan

                                                    Adamkenealy — can I please join the clan
                                                    • Exito

                                                      Joining clan

                                                      Exito — Can I join you clan! My username TBN Exito
                                                      • Solid Revenge

                                                        When is the next tryouts?

                                                        Solid Revenge — When is the new tryouts? 
                                                        • FAZE_ZIPSTER

                                                          me just join

                                                          FAZE_ZIPSTER — i just joined this clan
                                                          • LarsVisserYT


                                                            LarsVisserYT — Wat is het Instagram account van de eigenaar van deze clan?
                                                            • Festus401

                                                              U can join my clan

                                                              Festus401 — Who wants to join my clan it is G.O.A.T.S
                                                              • Festus401

                                                                Could I join

                                                                Festus401 — Can I join  
                                                                •  Best_Gamerad57YT


                                                                  Best_Gamerad57YT — Can i join
                                                                  • FearK

                                                                    Can i join

                                                                    FearK — I have over 1000 wins.
                                                                    • Fear_Liam

                                                                      Fortnite arena

                                                                      Fear_Liam — If anyone want to play duos or squad or even arena my epic name is TTV_Liam_BTW
                                                                      • T3cH ScaryTurtle

                                                                        1v1s and Fun!

                                                                        T3cH ScaryTurtle — Hey, if anyone wants to have a 1v1 with me or some matches, add me Username is rivnat_09, join T3cH Clan for more if you want!
                                                                        • XxjoshuamodzXx

                                                                          To join

                                                                          XxjoshuamodzXx — Can I join plsss I’m ight
                                                                          • YT- ItzMisfit


                                                                            YT- ItzMisfit — When are next tryouts, I’d like to join I’m non mobile, my username is.              Misfit_Joker
                                                                            • Jkd06

                                                                              Can I join

                                                                              Jkd06 — im pretty good for a mobile player and I can kinda hit those 90’s
                                                                              • Soprano

                                                                                Can i join the clan

                                                                                Soprano — Hey my nam is soprano and asked if i could join the fear clan
                                                                                • Fingamer97

                                                                                  Can i join

                                                                                  Fingamer97 — Im not very good player but im not toxic. I want be a pro player. Im nice everyone and i love play fortnite. I play xbox my gamertag is: fingamer97 And epic is: xxxluumuhilloxxx
                                                                                  • ShotZ x Warrior


                                                                                    ShotZ x Warrior — When are the next tryouts  
                                                                                    • Finntheflash


                                                                                      Finntheflash — pls
                                                                                      • Finntheflash


                                                                                        Finntheflash — can i join i play on xbox my username is FinnTheFlash im not that good but im not toxic and i play on builder pro.
                                                                                        • Soo


                                                                                          Soo — Can I join I will 1v1
                                                                                          • Nemo

                                                                                            I would like to tryout

                                                                                            Nemo — are there tryouts  
                                                                                            • FEAR Gxvin

                                                                                              Can i join

                                                                                              FEAR Gxvin — Since I joined do i put FEAR in my name. Ive also been playing since season 3. My EPIC user is Gxvin. (with the dot at the end) add me on discord Gavin#8141
                                                                                              • FEAR_DRAGON

                                                                                                Can I join

                                                                                                FEAR_DRAGON — Can I join plz I need to join a clan   
                                                                                                • Vixel


                                                                                                  Vixel — can i join
                                                                                                  • Voxi


                                                                                                    Voxi — can I join  
                                                                                                    • FeaR NN

                                                                                                      Can i

                                                                                                      FeaR NN — Can I put fear in my name
                                                                                                      • Fazedogorcat


                                                                                                        Fazedogorcat — i need your username on fortnite
                                                                                                        • Fazedogorcat

                                                                                                          plz let me in

                                                                                                          Fazedogorcat — plz let me in
                                                                                                          • Jayswing64

                                                                                                            Can I join

                                                                                                            Jayswing64 — I am pretty good and have been playing since season 3. I have been looking for a clan and would love to join yours  
                                                                                                            • Ttv DαяKιńԍ案

                                                                                                              i want join

                                                                                                              Ttv DαяKιńԍ案 — hello guys i want to join you clan can i try?  
                                                                                                              • T3cH ScaryTurtle

                                                                                                                Can we join?

                                                                                                                T3cH ScaryTurtle — I've been playing Fortnite since season 3 came out! Epic ID: I-Win-U-Lose-09
                                                                                                                • T3cH ScaryTurtle

                                                                                                                  My clan??

                                                                                                                  T3cH ScaryTurtle — Does anyone wanna join my clan and FE4R clan? Because you can join 2 clans at the same time or more, i dunno!
                                                                                                                  • RedLore5

                                                                                                                    Do we have a discord server?

                                                                                                                    RedLore5 — ???  
                                                                                                                    • org

                                                                                                                      i want to join

                                                                                                                      org — can i join your clan im a pro i have 233 points on arena 
                                                                                                                      • JamesB_13


                                                                                                                        JamesB_13 — I would like to join your clan. I play mobile Fornite, but I play with and against console players more than mobile. I am pretty good, still need a little bit of practice. 
                                                                                                                        • hunzzy_1_5_5


                                                                                                                          hunzzy_1_5_5 — Hey I would like to Join the clan I've been playing since season 1
                                                                                                                          • Fear_dark


                                                                                                                            Fear_dark — I would like to join ur clan because I’ve been playing fortnite since season 2-3 
                                                                                                                            • chronic_Gray


                                                                                                                              chronic_Gray — Yo! I used to be in chronic but realized there were better options out there and I think fear is a great opportunity to have some fun competitive game time!