FB clan

Mobile players to pc players, all are welcome. you must have a solo win, at least 10 solo, duo or squad wins, and a solo squad win. 


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  • FB Joey

    never mind

    FB Joey — nevermind the 1v1   
    • FB Joey


      FB Joey — welcome mr clean  what’s yo epic user name 
      • FB Joey

        pls join me

        FB Joey — playground at 8:30 on saturday
        • FB Joey


          FB Joey — fight me statosphere
          • FB stratosfear


            FB stratosfear — Joey 1v1 me you will lose
            • FB Joey

              when you add me pls set a event to 1v1 me so i can put in your rank

              FB Joey — i won the first so lets see how round 2 will go
              • FB Joey

                user names

                FB Joey — pls add me  FB Joey-with the caps and spaces. pls comment yours  
                • ttv_graysongang


                  ttv_graysongang — um hello
                  • ttv.graysongang


                    ttv.graysongang — um hello
                    • Gdude21

                      Can I join

                      Gdude21 — I have over 270 wins and i play on pc
                      • FB Joey


                        FB Joey — find people to join. tell them the web site name(battle standards) And pls tell people that half at least 1 solo win and ten solo duo or squad win in normal