[FaZe] FaZe JR's

FaZe clan for under 14s. To join, beat me twice in a build battle. Must have over 3 wins. Defaults are allowed. For PC, PS4, XBox and Switch.


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Tryouts & Team Meetup

    Meetup with the team / Tryouts (epic name: Lifewhyz2 or GrimReapin365)

  • tryout for the clan

    hello i want to try out for your clan i can do it right now or the day that is on the event if you can thank you!

  • Tryout for my clan

    Anybody wanna join my clan i need members plz my clan name is FAZE abanoubs clan yall play fortnite chill out chat and have fun :)

  • Wanna play duos anyone?

    The dyosnwill be in a few days Aden me my user is ttv_abanoubthego and another account kirellos_ but for some reason underscore is smiley face lol

  • 1v1 Peely Pie

    1v1 Peely Pie because I am a bot 

  • Creative zone wars

    FaZe up add me on PS4 my name is Mr_ahmed_survive

  • pro am jr

    this a fortnite cup for noobs and junior pros

  • 1v1 tryout for me to join, psn is FaZe_issatr4p

    i want to do a tryout for your clan, my psn is FaZe_issatr4p, my epic is issatr4p. this is a serious request, and if you can 1v1 please send me an confirmation email and the time of when you wanna 1v1 at anonymoum339@gmail.com asap.

  • Meet my clan's members

    Meet the FaZe clan Jr. members! Mics or no mics, any skin. Any platform. My name - bigshape      (I am on PS4)

  • Friday 1v1

    I need to join the clan

  • Try outs

    Faze try outs for my group of pals and are epic fortnite gamers please battle us   

  • Turtle Wars

    Who wants to play turtle wars hmu on xbox or discord both are BONECRUSHER7040

  • Joined FaZe Jr

      I've joined FaZe Jr, so I have to do the Build Battle. Epic: Mls.TrollStream Player: Switch

  • 1v1 night or Turtle scrims

    1 v1 to see who is the best my psn is Youtube-dynamo- and my epic is xdynamoツ

  • June

    I am on ps4 and my epic games username is fizz_bean

  • 1v1

    my username is ITSMEHUZAIFA

  • ooga booga trials

    Anybody can join on any platform just add Sudocreme2008 and Authors_of_pain8 and Authors_of_pain9

  • Squads (no mics)/Tryouts

    No mic squads tryouts for FaZe JRs.4+ wins ages 14 and below. Add me my name is bigshape. Fortnite battle royale. No hay pruebas de escuadrones de micrófono para FaZe JRs.4 + que tengan 14 años o menos.  Agrégame mi nombre es bigshape.  Fortnite battle royale.

  • creative battles

    i am really good and i learnt everything by from my friend and his fortnite username is Ahsan T add him and he will teach you everthing by the way the event

  • sunday!!

     bro i joined ur clan i have 129 wins 2899 elims solo 26 wins 1002 elims duo 39 wins 192 elims squad cause i dont ply squads plz join me!!!! sun or today

  • 1v1

    Add me let's 1v1 StalledDonkey is account  

  • 1v1

    Come and test ur skill 😂

  • 1v1

    My Fortnite Name is FaZe_Sandro_-


  • natedog50002


    natedog50002 — and if you say yes then i will ubdate my clan epicfaze clan to your clan name and than i will try to make people try to join in you'r clan
    • CrispyCharcoal


      CrispyCharcoal — Can I fight you this Saturday? Epic: CrispyCharcoal 
      • Cyclicsquire981


        Cyclicsquire981 — Me join
        • Eevee Boy


          Eevee Boy — bradleylol123 1v1 me
          • Eththedefault

            The next tryout

            Eththedefault — when is the next tryouts
            • XSavageX

              Ghost XSavageX

              XSavageX — can i tryout Ghost XSavageX
              • Blistick1157

                Trying out

                Blistick1157 — Can I try out, my psn is Bodular1992
                • issatr4p


                  issatr4p — is there any way i can contact the owner of thisbclan via twitter/insta/gmail?
                  • klsowell08

                    Trying out

                    klsowell08 — Can I try out my username is klsowell08 
                    • ThoughtApple724

                      FaZe Jr

                      ThoughtApple724 — Can I try out I play on Xbox 
                      • UnknownClanS4VG3

                        I wanna try Out

                        UnknownClanS4VG3 — My epic name is L3G1TxSavgeP94 and my Xbox is SavgePenguin94
                        • TTV_FazeJiscrazy


                          TTV_FazeJiscrazy — my account name is Jiscrazy 
                          • Bryw!ll!O9ツ

                            Can I join

                            Bryw!ll!O9ツ — Whoever is the leader of the clan please read. So I wanted to join the FaZe clan but it said it was for platorms that were unavalible at this time for me. I then saw FaZe Jr's and read it said it w...
                            • Eththedefault


                              Eththedefault — Fortnite name Eththedefault 
                              • Vision

                                Who is the leader of the clan I am new?

                                Vision — If you guys want me to send clips I can and I’ll be happy to send clips but I’ll do it tomorrow. I hope your guys night is well. 😝🤪👍🏼😎
                                • twiggy.2x

                                  Try out

                                  twiggy.2x — how do i tryout?
                                  • Formaticly


                                    Formaticly — how can i tryout and do you have a discord??  
                                    • fortnite boi


                                      fortnite boi — may i tryout
                                      • brando1299


                                        brando1299 — hi i am wanting to join this clan when can i havew a try out 
                                        • ttv-mattarmy123

                                          Duo partner good

                                          ttv-mattarmy123 — I have not yet found a clan with decent player's so if a good fortnite player will please duo with me that will be good
                                          • YT-Nate

                                            Did I join

                                            YT-Nate — My username is : YT-Nate1503bot
                                            • TheDestroyers


                                              TheDestroyers — epic: youface2233
                                              • TheDestroyers

                                                I wanna tryout

                                                TheDestroyers — epic: youface2233
                                                • Nemo

                                                  I would like to tryout

                                                  Nemo — My username is Twitch.Nemo1_
                                                  • JangFang

                                                    Clan joining

                                                    JangFang — Hello. I am here to join the clan. Name is ꓐJAngfang 
                                                    • LynTudeTTv


                                                      LynTudeTTv — hello can I tryout for your clan tonight whenever your free
                                                      • ooga booga

                                                        Join clan ooga booga

                                                        ooga booga — Join our clan anyone can join add Sudocreme2008 and Authors_of_pain9
                                                        • ironpursuit


                                                          ironpursuit — whom do i have to 1v1  
                                                          • Animefreak10000


                                                            Animefreak10000 — I have to 1v1 and beat somebody I am in let’s battle   
                                                            • Atlantis_T.sam

                                                              Ways of communicating?

                                                              Atlantis_T.sam — discord name?
                                                              • FullOfGold341


                                                                FullOfGold341 — So I have to 1v1 someone and win 2 times?
                                                                • Faze ramsy

                                                                  What is your

                                                                  Faze ramsy — What’s your epic name?
                                                                  • Jokaa

                                                                    Joining “FaZe Junior” 1v1

                                                                    Jokaa — hay i want to 1v1 you ok?
                                                                    • therealwiki101


                                                                      therealwiki101 — send me friend request , my username   therealwiki101
                                                                      • tsseasider


                                                                        tsseasider — i want to join the clan im J/jbedding196 on epic and tsseasider if you kill me
                                                                        • xXAref_AXx


                                                                          xXAref_AXx — can i get in i am batter then FAZE Clock
                                                                          • cosmic_gaming

                                                                            hi im new

                                                                            cosmic_gaming — i wish  to play some one
                                                                            • Whiplash

                                                                              Can I 1v1 to get in

                                                                              Whiplash —  Can I get in 
                                                                              • ItzMatt


                                                                                ItzMatt — Hey could I 1v1 do you have discord and what is it
                                                                                • B3azboy


                                                                                  B3azboy — yo anyone wana play
                                                                                  • GiGO

                                                                                    Can i tryout

                                                                                    GiGO — and i will change it to GiGO if i dont pass but if i pass imma change it to FaZe GiGO
                                                                                    • FaZe bigshape

                                                                                      Joining replies

                                                                                      FaZe bigshape — It's a free to join so ye we don't have to 1v1 if u want.
                                                                                      • Obey Darkzy

                                                                                        can i join?

                                                                                        Obey Darkzy — can i join?  
                                                                                        • Bfount40

                                                                                          Clan joing

                                                                                          Bfount40 — Can I please try out for this clan?
                                                                                          • Ya boi Caden0510

                                                                                            Can I tryout

                                                                                            Ya boi Caden0510 — Can I join. I'm 12 years old. I play on switch  I am a god with snipers. I'm good at the game 
                                                                                            • PBT Panos54


                                                                                              PBT Panos54 — hi i am 12 years old and i want to join in a clan i have 95 wins 
                                                                                              • Kavakader

                                                                                                Can I join ?

                                                                                                Kavakader — Can I please join I'm 12 and I dont have many wins but I have more than 3 so when is the 1v1
                                                                                                • JoshGamesYt

                                                                                                  Need tryout

                                                                                                  JoshGamesYt — hey anyone try me out? I’m free any time JoshGamesYT on epic games and Joshua_Gaming128 Psn
                                                                                                  • xDPx LaZeR


                                                                                                    xDPx LaZeR — When do we 1v1.If we could do it on a weekend it would be great.
                                                                                                    • xDPx LaZeR

                                                                                                      Fortnite tryout

                                                                                                      xDPx LaZeR — Yo can I tryout for the clan I’m 13 years old and I’m  pretty good at the game. Add me on epic at xDPx LaZ
                                                                                                      • Twitch_nolan240


                                                                                                        Twitch_nolan240 — hello  
                                                                                                        • xd_ActivePower

                                                                                                          Can i join..?

                                                                                                          xd_ActivePower — Yo so cani i join? I don't have many wins but i'm pretty good..I play on PC and my username is xd_ActivePower (PS:i'm one of those sweaty players)
                                                                                                          • qwerty_u_saltyYT


                                                                                                            qwerty_u_saltyYT — can i try out i have 108 wins and 89 solo wins im on switch
                                                                                                            • DerkizHUN

                                                                                                              hey guys

                                                                                                              DerkizHUN — hey guys im from hungary, i would like to join your clan, i have 39 wins and the highest kill on duo is 12, im a pc player and 13 years old btw and yes, add me on discord: DerkiZHUN#2411
                                                                                                              • IDK ZAI

                                                                                                                Can I join FAZE CLAN I"M on MOBILE BUT I GOT MORE THAN 10 wins

                                                                                                                IDK ZAI — i'm on ps4 but i have 36 wins #ps4squad  
                                                                                                                • Toonie_manYT

                                                                                                                  Your Clan

                                                                                                                  Toonie_manYT — Can I tryout
                                                                                                                  • Mrfrenzy6ix9ine

                                                                                                                    Join clan

                                                                                                                    Mrfrenzy6ix9ine — I want to join the clan what do I have to do
                                                                                                                    • The10Midgets


                                                                                                                      The10Midgets — build battle me what is your discord my name on ps4 is The10Midgets same epic email me your user so i can accept it zackmengi@gmail.com
                                                                                                                      • Eththedefault


                                                                                                                        Eththedefault — My username is Eththedefault 
                                                                                                                        • FaZe bigshape


                                                                                                                          FaZe bigshape — Are you on PC or Xbox or PS4 or switch