[Faze] Faze Clan (PS4 and Xbox)

Here at Faze we will be doing a alot of exciting things Creative matches, duo's and squads and improve players skills so come join if your interested


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  • FaZe Matt

    Who wants to join FaZe come on we need more for the squad!!!

    FaZe Matt — FaZe up also buy the Merch!!!  
    • savedgamer136

      im new

      savedgamer136 —  so i have not gottin my device but im going to have it in about a week so i got here early but my epic is savedgamer136 and im transfering it to my mobil so
      • AwesomeSasquach


        AwesomeSasquach — Anyone wanna 1v1
        • martinzbird

          Add me martinzbird and we will play alot

          martinzbird — Ok
          • SpaZcloud


            SpaZcloud — My epic FaZeDrip69
            • SpaZcloud


              SpaZcloud — everyone in faze clan add me  
              • freddy6617

                hi https://discord.gg/Mz48489

                freddy6617 — hello its mine  
                • [NMY] Assassin


                  [NMY] Assassin — https://discord.gg/pJBeFPn come join my discord gamers
                  • FuriaOfGingers

                    not online

                    FuriaOfGingers — If this is at me I was up from 6:00 to 8:30 and no one said anything, so probably some misconmunication on both fronts. I won't be attending the training for saturdays this summer, but once the sch...
                    • FaZe– g1o2g3h

                      can we play

                      FaZe– g1o2g3h — ok br but do i most change my name to FaZe begining of my name  
                      • FaZe– g1o2g3h


                        FaZe– g1o2g3h — i have sent you a friend request i hop you accept
                        • FaZe– g1o2g3h

                          my name

                          FaZe– g1o2g3h — my epic name is g1o2g3h add me
                          • FaZe– g1o2g3h

                            epic name

                            FaZe– g1o2g3h — can we play today
                            • [NMY] Assassin


                              [NMY] Assassin — yes we will do some games on friday and what time do you go to work
                              • FaZe– g1o2g3h

                                can i 1v1 you

                                FaZe– g1o2g3h — when can i 1v1 you  
                                • FaZe– g1o2g3h


                                  FaZe– g1o2g3h — when i can join the clan  
                                  • FuriaOfGingers

                                    Training Days

                                    FuriaOfGingers — Hey guys, any plan as to when the planned training or gaming games will be? I have a job, and this summer I won't be able to train a ton, but I can train up until this next saturday, and I leave fo...
                                    • FaZe– g1o2g3h

                                      can i join

                                      FaZe– g1o2g3h — hello