[FaDe] FaDe_Clan

This is the all new FaDe clan I am FaDeHyper the creator of the old FaDe Team 

Im doing tryouts and I will be answering to everyone of you if I don’t get to you as quick as someone else please be patient I don’t really have a lot of time in my hands. BTW stop making events that something only I can do. If I need you for anything I will ask you.

(If you are a console player send me your epic name not your gamer tag.)


You have to tryout!


Lets make this the number one clan!

Thanks FaDeHyper




Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events


  • DarkJail


    DarkJail — NotKongPO
    • Prophecyツ


      Prophecyツ —  Hey there, I am very interested in recruiting for your clan, If there is a way i can help out after or if i do make it into the clan i will gladly do so. I am available to tryout this Friday Febru...
      • IndigoDragons


        IndigoDragons — Yo can I get a tryout? I'm really good and I need a team to compete with.
        • FaDe_southernnz


          FaDe_southernnz — Who are my teammates 🔥
          • Levayfn

            I wanna tryout my psn is LevayFn and Epic Pulse_LevayFn

            Levayfn — I wanna tryout my epic is Pulse_LevayFn and psn is LevayFn
            • IceCreakk


              IceCreakk —  Can i tryout please??
              • Twitch_Xenrow


                Twitch_Xenrow — I would like to tryout my name is Twitch_Xenrow
                • Twitch_Xenrow


                  Twitch_Xenrow —   I would like to try out my epic is Twitch_Xenrow
                  • PkmnJrT_YT


                    PkmnJrT_YT — Hello there, my epic games name is PkmnJrT_YT and I would like to join the clan. 
                    • NotoriousDuB

                      Tryout 500 wins

                      NotoriousDuB — My names NotoriousDuB Tv I would like to try out  
                      • FaDe_southernnz


                        FaDe_southernnz — Fade your online join me so I can tryout
                        • Aaron.fyx


                          Aaron.fyx — Is this on eu servers??  
                          • Falllocket50434


                            Falllocket50434 — Are you doing tryouts right now 
                            • DYnasty2b44

                              Con tryout

                              DYnasty2b44 — FaDeHyper- I would like to tryout  Epic-Dynasty2b44 
                              • FaDeHyper

                                Try outs

                                FaDeHyper — Just give me your username then I will tryout you
                                • FaDe_southernnz

                                  Is it in America the next clan tryouts?

                                  FaDe_southernnz — Fade I’m ready
                                  • FaDeHyper


                                    FaDeHyper — Yeah just give me your username
                                    • FaDeHyper


                                      FaDeHyper — Ok friend me at FaDeHyper
                                      • FaDeHyper


                                        FaDeHyper — For some reason I’m cant friend you it doesn’t let me
                                        • FaDeHyper

                                          Clan tryout. Epic name: DaddyNyQuil

                                          FaDeHyper — For some reason I can’t friend you
                                          • FaDeHyper

                                            Epic name CandyEagle45 1v1

                                            FaDeHyper — Ok
                                            • I

                                              We’re doing tryouts

                                              I — I will like to tryout  
                                              • FaDeHyper

                                                Read the discription

                                                FaDeHyper — Ok I’ll tryout you when we’re both online