Welcome to Fade l Join today l Any platform are welcome.(mostly PS4 players)


(((((if you you don't meet the requirements then stay in this original Fade clan. And join in the future.)))))


New Fade Group for players that have 90 wins or above are eligible to join the elite team of Fade clan and have a chance to join our clan wars and scrims.

# Will check your stats on fortnite tracker and add 10 or so wins as fortnite tracker is not that accurate.

>>> Also if you have over 50 wins and have a really good K/D then you should join the the PROSPECT GROUP to give an idea of people that want to join ELITE GROUP<<<<<


NEW Trailer Out Now : https://www.youtube.com/watchv=sFU8jdfAkjM



Messenger: TheBlackFireBoss

Discord : https://discord.gg/5k2D6HN 

Calm and serious gamers only. Fortnite only. Terms and conditions apply.



Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Fortnite Scrims Match ( zone wars ) FREE

    Fortnite Scrims this week Saturday. This is also opportunity to join my clan from your preformance in this custom "SCRIMS". This is also for fun for no money and no entry fee. This is also gives me an ideas to make a money grap scrims perfect and fusse-free. Any player join PC, XBOX, PS are eligi...

  • Clan war coming up

    SEE MORE INFO IN HERE (ONLY FOR ELITE PLAYERS , if you don't know what that is the read the updated description) &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; https://www.battlestandards.com/c/fadeclan-elite-team-only-90-wins-join-here PROSPECT GROUP coming soon in update 1.5

  • Tryouts #2

    *&gt;&gt;&gt; check you rank at the end of the day of the 11th For the people that have not tryed out the will be you second to last chance to enter Fade. People that have rank NEW means that they have not tryed out and rank SCOUT means they didn't satisfy the leader and need to try again to get...

  • Tryouts #1

    First Tryouts on sat 9th at 3 pm uk time. To get into the clan will be explained in game. The result will effect what rank is given. Hope you get accepted. Add me on epic games : FADE_TheDarkFire


  • MadafakinBATMAN

    Join clan

    MadafakinBATMAN — I would like to join your clan have over 250+ wins I’m a little late for tryouts but would still like to join if I can PS4: madafakinBATMAN epic:madafakinBATMAN discord: MadafakinBATMAN #2609
    • TheVicZz

      Try outs?

      TheVicZz — hey dude I meet the requirements and more I have over 150 wins just hit me up when u get a chance my ps4 name is TheVicZz and already sent u a friend request on discord!  
      • Fade_Qboy


        Fade_Qboy — hi can i tryout. my fortnite is Qboy10 and my discord is qboy10#8785
        • FadeClan - Leader

          UPDATE CLAN FADE 1.0

          FadeClan - Leader — Read the updated description of the Fade clan as more opportunities are open. Such as clan wars and scrims.

            Im an insane movile player @nd i want to join have over 60 wins

            IHACKBECUASEICAN — i am good i am goodi am goodi am goodi am goodi am good
            • sports_25348

              How do I 1v1 someone to get in

              sports_25348 — How do I 1v1 someone to get in 
              • sports_25348


                sports_25348 — Can I try out 
                • Fade-breaky


                  Fade-breaky — Joseph lets be friends add me on epic games as breaky_
                  • Fade-breaky


                    Fade-breaky —   Guys im fade-breaky your new friend  and i want all fade members to accept me as fade  please friend reqquest breaky_ on fortnite epic games fade-breaky
                    • Flame inphulse


                      Flame inphulse — I'm on pc mobile and some times console  
                      • Flame inphulse

                        my name in fortnite is flame inphulse

                        Flame inphulse — i have no win i need to get better plz let me  
                        • FeARFaCToR 42

                          I need a clan I'm really good season 1 player 300 + wins plz let me in

                          FeARFaCToR 42 — Hi  
                          • Twitch_dizzymelle


                            Twitch_dizzymelle — can i do a tryot i add you on discord and epic games  
                            • JustGotBlazed


                              JustGotBlazed — OOF
                              • Joseph

                                To All Gamers

                                Joseph — Please add me