Expert clan

Expert clan ( the rage expert clan ) or Vicious fighters is a clan for competitive players, pro gamers and gamers that are passionate about gaming and winning.
Some members can join when they are proven to be very motivated and also proven to be a worthy team mate.

We join the Fortnite cash cups, the World cup in the summer, host and join clan fights for fun or for money, but the most important is that our members love gaming, are passionate about performing good in game and having a good team spirit.

We use 893 as a reminder to the Japanese YaKuZa and the infamous Ninja clans of Japan.
This is because our members have a real fighting spirit, a background of martial arts or fighting skills, in real life and some really passionate gaming fighters.

The games we play are mostly Battle Royale games, fighting games and racing games.

- Fortnite
- Call of duty
- Valorant
- Mortal combat
- Pubg
- Street Fighter

Our members are the best in what they do. that is why they call us Experts.

Hosting, recruitment and organising tournaments.

In private also the infamous cash clan wars.

Our policy:
- When you join, try to get a separate email like an outlook or hotmail. For safe measure.
- Registration preferably with a small bio about who you are and what you expect, why you want to join the clan and what you do. If you agree to set a picture with a dab as profile picture would be cool. Many members have their fav skin doing this move. Thanks.
- Don’t engage in any fake, false or toxic actions.
- Be true to your clan! We are there for you so we expect nothing less than that.
- Be ready to team up when your team needs you.
- Don’t hack, or do anything else that dishonours our clan trueness. We are expert gamers and act like it.
- When money is involved, contact the clan boss, leader-owner, co-leader, admin or moderator for further information.
- If you want to act on your own for whatever reason, don’t involve the community when you don’t want to get us on board with your plan.
(this because some former members asked cash to learn new gamers some skills. We don’t roll like that. We are not Bugh. or Mong. that give “online lessons that have to be payed”).


- Twitch tv link :
- Sponsors: Spitfire, Monster energy
- Discord link :
- YouTube: Mauro - Sonik Vicious

To check our pro members statistics: and enter name of e-gamer, tag, or epic name of the pro-gamer.
The old hacked Expert clan website:

We have managed to get our website back. Check it out for coaching, joining the clan, webshop, blogs, questions, subscribing, contact with clan boss, captains, coaches, ...

New website: ( Cody Clic hacked the Wix website)


- growing community 
- sponsored live-streaming 
- participants for tournaments 
- free giveaways: streamlabs viewer points earnings.
- online webshop with clan items and gaming items.
- a personalised membership card
- help for gaming related questions 
- boosting members streaming accounts (clan privacy)
- aid to set up your socials

Join the Expert team. You won’t regret your decision.
Let’s go!




Trio’s cash cup. Tournament with matchmaking platforms and server. Not a multiple platforms event.

Log the fuck out! You should not have made advertising for your online coaching! Get of the Wix page. You are not REC you’re MRF and NRG before. Get lost clix!

execpt for driving the bus

Expert needs to start teaming up with our members. Only a few e-gamers join when I ask. And some friends from US but no clan members.

Trio’s cup going for the $5 million. 

Top 20 wins a PlayStation 5. Top 1500 wins the Indigo skin and back bling

Solo tournament. Top 20 wins a PlayStation 5. Top 1500 wins an Indigo Kuno ( Epic ) skin, and Indigo Kama back bling

This community focused tournament features a $250.000 or 220.000€ prize pool. Contact dreamhack for more info.

Qualify to participate. 1st round of 3 tournaments. Focused on Fortnite community with cash prize of $250,000

The devourer of worlds event.  Do not forget a jetpack to help fighting the super heroes in the big battle.

Represent your school. The gamers in your own school can fight other schools. 

 My name is Adrian.  Hi. I am a god Nintendo Switch lite player but I do not have discord only a email account text me on hangouts or email Here are my stats ( I dont really play comp I am mostly a creative player).  I am...

 My name is Adrian.  Hi. I am a god Nintendo Switch lite player but I do not have discord only a email account text me on hangouts or email I am only 11/12 in 2 months but I am cracked at the game I would like to tryout for a clan  I am really good my epic Is ChibiRIkku i wil...