[EXTC] eXoTic (Mobile Fortnite clan)

This is our mobile fortnite clan eXoTic, to join you must have at least 8 wins in total and you need to beat me in a 1v1. We have tryouts on Fridays and sundays. We need Talented members and we will succeed and progress. Everyone who wants to tryout and 1v1 me add me: Shaw.com or Telus.com You do not need to change you’re username. No swearing and voice chat is needed. If I am not around my co-leader will take over( the co-leaders gamer tag is: Telus.com Join our discord: https://discord.gg/kXSyupx


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events


  • FaZe PoisonRain


    FaZe PoisonRain — FaZe PoisonRain
    • Littlej81

      Gamer tag is

      Littlej81 — Hit me up at Littlej1234581
      • Littlej81

        Gamer tag is

        Littlej81 — Hit me up at Littlej1234581
        • Littlej81

          Join clan

          Littlej81 — Hey. I am a pro mobile player. 400+ wins. I stream on weekends at SJ Playzz. Check it out. I would love to try out
          • Charles Hearn


            Charles Hearn — what up I want to join and I have around 40+ wins  
            • MultiSlayerr

              Can i join

              MultiSlayerr — I have 300+ wins on mobile id lovet 1v1 you to get in.
              • Thefastmind

                Can I join?

                Thefastmind — Hey can I tryout on the clan? I have over 100 wins
                • Kobeb23hdj


                  Kobeb23hdj — I have 150 wins with discord can I join your clan and tryout today
                  • Georgiegeorgie1

                    Yo I nave 20 solo wins and 90 god

                    Georgiegeorgie1 — Yo  20kills boi
                    • Ace jad3d


                      Ace jad3d — Can I get an invite to the discord? I have 16 Mobile wins
                      • Thomas


                        Thomas — We are making a discord that we can all communicate but that is being finished and will probably be up by Monday.